Lucius Licinius Lucullus (c. 117-57 B.C.) had a career of accomplishments as a Roman general and statesman. He put the fleet of Mithridates to flight and enjoyed other military successes. When he governed the province of Africa, he served as consul, but Pompey relieved him of his duties. Lucullus had amassed such a tremendous fortune that he could retire in Rome to live a life of luxury and splendor in an extremely elegant style. And so he did.
   Legend has it that after Lucullus had ordered an elaborate dinner, he was reminded that he was having no guests that night. Unconcerned, he then made the statement that has come down through the centuries, "Lucullus sups with Lucullus." According to Brewer, that statement can be said only by a glutton who eats alone.
   The cost of his many banquets cannot be measured in terms of today's market. One can say only that they were sumptuous and fit for a gourmet's palette. His parties were attended by noted artists, writers, and philosophers of the day.
   Any extravagant meal, any elegant banquet of unmatched luxury, may rightly be termed a Lucullan feast.

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